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Studio Cremer is the home of London based Artist and Designer Amy Moffat.

Currently working in her East London studio, Amy Moffat is a freelance art director and illustrator. She is available to work on:

+ Visual Identities & Branding

+ Logo Design

+ Illustrations for print and web

+ Editorial Design & Publications

+ Advertising

Amy also publishes Junko, an annual journal responding to place. Each year Junko heads to a different region of the world, significant for its unique geography and distinctive creative communities. Exploring the natural and urban landscapes and stopping off along the way to meet the artists and designers defining the visual scene of their place, Junko looks to understand the relationship between where artists make and how their environment effects the creative practice.

Amy is available for freelance projects and collaborations.


2005 - 2008

Wimbledon School of Art


Art Prizes / Awards

Core Open 2010 - Finalist

Marmite Painting Prize 2010 - Finalist

Saatchi's New Sensations 2008 - Finalist

Landmark Painting Prize 2008 - Winner



Kingsgate Emerging Artist Residency 2010

Camden Pop-Up Residency 2009



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