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Junko Issue 02 : Iceland

Junko is an annual journal responding to place. Each year I head off with Junko to a different region of the world, significant for its unique geography and distinctive creative communities. With Junko I explore the natural and urban landscapes, stopping off along the way to meet the artists and designers defining the visual scene of their place. My role is as art director, content creator and layout design.


Junko's mission is to understand the intrinsic links between the nature of creativity and the places where we make; to identify how our environment influences us; challenges us; helps and distracts us, and to explore how our present geography affects creative decision making.

Each issue is designed upon reflection of the natural geography and aesthetic languages of the region travelled, making the physicality of each publication definitive to the locality explored. paper choices, layout considerations and pull out inserts are all design features responsive to the place.

The second issue of Junko makes the ever-evolving landscapes on Iceland its home for a few weeks where we visit some exciting visionaries in the creative Icelandic scene.

Issue 02: Out Now : Available here:


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